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Cross & Clouds
Cross & Clouds (Photo credit: John H Wright Photo)

We invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10:30AM for our worship service. If you’re interested in a more personal environment of talking and learning, check out our Sunday School class that begins at 9:30AM Sunday mornings. Nursery and children’s program provided during the regular worship service (10:30AM).

We are located just outside of Kitchener at 1434 Huron Rd, Wilmot ON.


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  1. E
    I have enjoyed several of your concert events and would appreciate being added to your email notificatio list. Thankyou.

    1. Sorry to get back to you so late, Frances. I did send your information along to Pastor Tim to add you to the list quite awhile ago and have double-checked that you are still on the list. Have a fantastic weekend! We’re so glad that you’re enjoying the concerts. I have just listed a number of upcoming events on our calendar as well. Thanks for your support!

  2. Have been trying to find out when your Sunday Night programs are. Was told there possible is one on Nov.30. ??? Would appreciate info
    Thank you

  3. Receive my Greeting in Jesus’ Name ,
    My Name is Rev, Francis N Nganga. I Minister unto the Lords Flock in Kenya ,East Africa. I have been a minister of the word for 30+ years. As i was perusing your site, i was amazed moved beyond words at the love exhibited therein. I reasoned that you qualify to be my mentors. That is solely why i write, seeing we are living in perilous times as prophesied in Matthew 24
    I would appreciate, as we live in a third world country,if you were in a position to help us in any way. It would also be true joy if we could come up with a formula to work together for the kingdom
    We have indigent and the very poor amidst. Our heavenly Father said the poor would always be amidst us. Yet ,when Jesus was in this earth,He preached and also fed the multitudes with fish and bread. How i pray you would be in a position to help us out with Bibles as well as others together with any other help as God would touch your hearts.
    The ministry i lead here goes by the Name “House of Worship ,Assemblies.” I was searching the net for others of like mind,who recognize our Father in heaven deserves all our honor,praise as well esteem ,for truly His works are wondrous,and i landed in your site.
    May you receive much blessings,even as you consider our humble requests
    Yours Faithfully
    Rev, Francis

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