Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving (Photo credit: headofsimon)

Yup, you read that right. We’re diving in; taking the plunge into Social Media and the “blogosphere”. For an “old country church”, this is terrifying. You can liken it to diving into the deep end of the pool before you’ve taken your first swimming lesson. But we’re here with scuba suit and air tanks in hand and we’re in it for the long run.

The Girl Behind the Blog

You  might be wondering who the face behind this blog is, so I will enlighten you. That scuba diver, is…not me. Psych! The picture below and to the right IS me (sorry for the logo, I am part of the local – awesome – Mompreneurs group). My name is Lyndsey Heng and I attend this small country church. I am part of our church board, which is legal-ese for “people can tell me their concerns and I will tell the people who make the decisions”.headshot 6

I am a teacher who loves people, reading, learning, crafting, social media, and Jesus. To be honest with you, social media has been a recent discovery for myself and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to learn how to use it to affect positive change and what a profound impact it can make. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to blog on this site as well as my own website (you can find me at if you’re really interested). I have a wonderful husband and we have been attending Rosebank BIC since we were married (I’ve been here since I was about 12) and it’s definitely the place we call home.

What’s This Old Country Church Like, Anyway?

Perhaps you are thinking “what is this tech-savvy, young whippersnapper doing at an old country church?” Or maybe “did she just say whippersnapper?” (yes, I did). This is my answer: I love my church. I love the people and it has always felt like family. You might be surprised to find that we are not all farmers (though we do have our fair share and I love each of them), we do not all dress traditionally or even minimally, though we do value simple living. We are not all over the age of 65, but I’m so grateful for the elders in our church and their experience. We do sing hymns (and many of us love them), but we’re looking for new musical talent to add some modern music into the mix. We have potlucks – and let me tell you, you will find some of the best food around if you choose to join us for one!

Mostly, we “do life” together. We support, we encourage, we learn, we grow, we make mistakes, we say we’re sorry, and we live our day-to-day lives on a journey to become more Christ-like both as individuals and as a church community.

We have a wonderful Pastor, Tim Harden, and he has a fantastic wife, Jackie. If we can help him dive into the world of social media (we’re starting with Twitter!) then maybe he’ll do a guest post here eventually. I know I’ll need your help to convince him, so don’t forget to leave some comment love if you want to hear from him!

Why Social Media for an Old Country Church?

The whole purpose of this little old church jumping into social media is to connect with our online and offline community, to talk with you. We want to know what matters to you, what you need help with, what you think about God, what you think about church, what you think about us. We want to know what programs would be valuable to you and what you think our community is lacking.

I will blog about conceptions and misconceptions surrounding church and keep you up to date with reviews about past events. If you ask a question, I will do my best to answer find the right resources to answer it. We really do want to join the conversation and believe that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The one thing that we do ask is that you be nice (it sort of goes along with that whole “love your neighbour as yourself” thing we subscribe to here at this old country church).

If you have something you want to share, please feel free to comment on this blog, or send an email to If you want to hear someone’s voice or see someone’s face, give us a call at 519-696-3009 or stop by to visit. I look forward to learning more about you and connecting with you.