BIC Annual General Meeting Recap (and God is Doing Cool Things)

The BIC Annual General Meeting happened this past Saturday and I had the privilege of attending as a delegate from our church. Some of you might be saying “borrrrrring” (because, to be honest, that’s what happens in my head when I think of the term meeting in any type of business-happening related context), but it’s a great experience.
What is the AGM? It’s a chance to reconnect with others who identify as BIC (in our case, this means The Meeting House, The Network churches, and Community Churches like ours) and sharing stories about all of the awesome things that God is doing in our churches. Here are some of the awesome people I had the chance to reconnect with (in the interest of full disclosure, one of them may have also been a delegate from my church :P).


It is a fantastic opportunity to be encouraged – there are so many churches who are listening to the voice of God and doing amazing things as a consequence. One of them even built a community park and sponsored a school’s anti-bullying program because it was something that their community needed. It’s cool stuff like this and the fact that we can all get together and forget about our tiny differences to worship the same Jesus and to help each other learn what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us and to help us continue to grow into the church(es) that God intends us to be. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store!

I’m curious…what is the “coolest” thing your church has done for the community? We’d love to celebrate with you!